Neural Core

Cost of the 1st level:

100020002000CRP 4
You can manage the swarm from a single brain center that can transmit energy of the ruling to lords. The qualitatively new stage in the development of the neural core always requires the much higher quantity of resources than before. But each new level increases the ability. The neural core produces energy, controls a swarm outside of the planet. Each level of the neural core increases the maximum number of swarms sent into space by 1, reduces the time of mutation of units (buildings, defence, fleet), reduces the time of development of the new evolutions. The neural core, starting with level 7, becomes very large and stands out above the planet’s surface.

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Comparison by level
Lvl Energy production Acceleration
1 100 x1.67
2 250 x2.78
3 900 x4.63
4 2650 x7.72
5 6340 x12.86
6 13 050 x21.43
7 24 100 x35.72
8 41 050 x59.54
9 65 700 x99.23
10 100 090 x165.38