Cost of the 1st level:

2 000 0001 000 000200 00010 000CRP 2
For each level:
+50% beam power Gravity Gun
+50% teleportation range of the station
+100% base Structure
+25% to the range Sensor Phalanx
+50% fields for construction
-5% of the time between jumps of the station, fading by the formula 0.95 * (building level)
-50% of the time of building defense.

Your Space Station increases in size so you can build on it Jump Gate, Alliance Station or Quay.
The first level can not be destroyed or eaten by Lexx.
For each hit of the Gravity Gun, 1 second is added to the minimum time between station teleportations.
Construction scheme
Comparison by level
Lvl Acceleration
1 x2
2 x4
3 x8
4 x16
5 x32
6 x64
7 x128
8 x256
9 x512
10 x1024