Jump gate

Cost of the 1st level:

7 000 0005 000 0004 000 000 CRP 2
Transform your moon into the Gate. These are huge teleports that can send out fleets of any size without time waste. These teleports do not require Vespene, however, there should be time between the jumps , otherwise, the gates will overheat. Each level of Engineer reduces the recharge time of gates by 1%. Each level of the gate increases recharge speed (minimum cooldown time is [24 / gate level] hours) as well as maximum range of teleportation (the radius increases by 25 000 ckm per level). Each level of Hyperspace technology increases the gate’s range by 1%. To perform teleportation, place the fleet to hold the Gate with “Defense” order. After teleportation, the fleet will stay on the coordinates of the destination Gate.
First level the gate will allow to teleport only its owner's ships, starting from second level, Gates can be used by owner's friends and alliance members. Each Gate level increases satellite's Structure by 1 000 000. It is also possible to build an unlimited number of domes that increase Structure by the strength of their shields.

Impossible to build alongside with Quay, Alliance station and Space station, unless your moon is upgraded to SuperStation.
First level cannot be destroyed or devoured by Lexx.
Construction scheme