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Now: 20 July 2019 04:19
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New research times are due to a balance update., Players not informed, once again

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 Can admin explain this further to all players please? Research times have increased dramatically due to another balance update as shown in the Russian forum under Balance. The information regarding this, however is very limited.
 Please explain the new update and please let us know if the new research times we now see are the result of the completed update, or whether those times will be adjusted again to be more reasonable. Over 1400 hours to research one technology, even with a nano-lab and level 12 research lab present, plus IRN.....
This seems just another in a long line of updates that were not designed to benefit players in any fashion, nor add any dynamic to the game. Reduction, not balance. 

 If someone can go to the Russian forums Balance section and get a better translation of this it would be appreciated. 
3 July 2019 04:34
3 July 2019 04:34
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You can find publication of the latest updates in the forum in the balance section.
5 July 2019 12:39
5 July 2019 12:39


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